Real Estate Market ReportsDecember 2018 Marysville Real Estate Market Report

Real estate market data for Marysville, OH  provided by Jim West of Real Estate Technology Partners.

Marysville Ohio Home Prices

Home prices in Marysville and central Ohio have hit an all time high and don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon.  We have seen 41 straight months of home appreciation.


If you are considering buying a home, you can still find deals on a house in Marysville, but having a good real estate agent who understands the market is a must. 


Don’t wait on the sidelines for too long, many of our listings are starting to sell within a few days of hitting the market.


As you can see from the graph below, listings are not selling exactly for asking price, but very close. To make sure you don't overpay for your home, you'll want to have an agent that does a thorough market analysis of the Marysville home on which you are making an offer.

If you are interested in how much current inventory is on the market in Marysville you can find that information by clicking on the link.

Our inventory is at its lowest point since 2000. High inventory will suggest that homes are sitting on the market for longer.

Currently in this area of Marysville, homes have an incredible median time of 31 days on the market before they sell. This would suggest that sellers are in a great position to make stronger counters to offers on a home.

Buyers had better get Pre-Approved and ready to make solid offers to compete in today's market.

Sellers should make sure to price their home near the market value if they expect to get an offer from one of those interested buyers. Low inventory in Marysville has multiple offers coming in on homes similar to what we saw back in 2005.

I wouldn't expect home prices to run up quite as fast as they did back then as banks have gotten a lot stricter on lending guidelines and are no longer giving a loan to anyone with a pulse.

But low inventory is one indicator that prices should continue to rise and inventory is down by 2.6% from the same month last year. Please see the chart below for current inventory level.

P.S. We try to update the Marysville Real Estate Market Report every month. Please let us know if you have any questions.

December 2018 Marysville Real Estate Market Data

Points of Note:

  • 23 closed sales (Down 52.1% from last year due to inventory)

  • 1.4 months supply of inventory (up 75% from December 2017)

  • 31 days on market (down 20.5% from same month last year

Marysville Real Estate Report Summary

The median list price in March at time of sale for single family homes in Marysville was $229,000.

The median list price at time of sale increased by 11.9% from the same month last year.

The sales price per square foot for listings in this area was $122.01, up 11.7% from same month last year.  

The median sale price for single family homes was $230,700. The median sale prices was up by 13.2% from the same month last year.

The list price per square foot for sales in this area is $126.33, up 2.4% from same month last year.

Marysville Sales For the Year 2018 

Points of Note:

  • 466 closed sales (Down 14.5% from 2017)

  • 461 In Contracts (down 15.9% from 2017)

  • 28 days on market average for 2018 (down 9.7% from 2018

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